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My work is based around two alternate versions of our world; two places which feel both very familiar and strangely wrong. First, we have the world of the Empyraeum, a world where Alexander the Great did not die in Babylon, at the height of his fame and conquests. He met another fate, once his army arrived in the Himalayas, inside of Mount Everest, as we came to know it. So too there were great changes for first 300 of his very best then 10,000 of his strongest.


He makes his Empyraeum real and then just vanishes...


Next, we have the brand new Chronicles of Enoch. A world which looks exactly like ours until one happens to look into the shadows...then one will see what has always been there, just that we either never noticed or chose to remain ignorant. Perhaps it is safer that way...

The Empyraeum Collections


Collections of short story and poetry, a series of four collections which begin our exploration into this new world; following three different storylines; from the points of view of three very different protagonists. These stories start to link and connect in very interesting ways. Are you reading three different stories or one story from different points of view?


The Wondering Wanderer

The Wakeful Dreamer

Turn out to Inward

Whispers from Behind the Eyes

The Chronicles of Enoch


A new series of novels set in a world which seems very much like our own until you look a little closer. Then you realise that something is either badly wrong or you were very seriously lied to your whole life. The Fallen angels never left and their progeny, the nephilim are everywhere.


Darkness Within

Sons of Chaos

Gods of Deception

Midnight Moonlight

Son of Light

The Empyraeum Novellas


A deeper look into the stories told in the earlier collections and a chance to get to know some of the principal characters better. Dive deeper and perhaps learn more, or maybe have better ways to ask the same questions...As the Collections were the introduction, these are a chance to really look into Alexander's world and what drives it and makes it different.


Skander Draco

The Victory of Wolves


The Charmer of Snakes

Son of the Dragon



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