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Full Length Novels

The Collections and the Novellas are only just the beginning. They are to set the scene and start the proverbial ball rolling. Of course, there will be novels, a trilogy of each. Now we have begun, we must finish! Alexander would have it no other way....There shall be two trilogies; one for the Trinity side of things and another for the Empyraeum....


Plus let us not forget about our old friend Enoch and the impending disaster. The question you have to ask yourself, though, is this; is a writer who is known for twisting, tangling and weaving together stories really going to resist the urge to NOT try to link his worlds up somehow? Maybe he has already done it...He has and the clues on how are right here, for the sharpest of you to find. Some of them are buried deep, others maybe less so... 

The Trinity Series


While Sham was 'gone' and Alexander missing to the point of being thought to have never even existed, Gabriel became a Trinity. He and his mysterious companion, Unity, run from danger after danger, only to end up on the door step of none other than Shamshir Naik...


There are those who would rule Earth, even destroy it in order to rule what is left. Unity has a secret though, one which can change everything forever but does she dare use it?

The Chronicles of Enoch


Enoch was enjoying his time in Heaven. He was the Creator's chief scribe and spent his days talking with his friends and watching the universe. Then he is told that he must go back. In his youth, he lived with and got to know some of the Fallen and many nephilim. So well that they begged he plead their case to the Creator. The Creator said no and sent the Great Flood to drown their homes and wipe their corruption from the human race forever. Somehow many of them survived and they want revenge.

The Empyraeum Cycle


Alexander is back after two thousand years of absence. Earth has changed a lot since he left, everything, in fact, has changed. Including the fact that the enemy of humanity's worst nightmares is coming straight to Earth.


Add to that that an organisation who not only hates him but has done everything in its power to eradicate him from history is currently in charge....Did you really think he would just walk back and that would be it?

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