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The Second Generation of Kalshodar came following Alexander's return to Selene on the Dragon's Crown. The early stages of the war had cost the lives of five hundred Kalshodar and twenty Dracograth and, when The Dragon herself arrived on a cargo deck of the Dragon's Crown, she insisted they be replaced. Of the five hundred members of the communities on Selene, three-hundred and fifty women and older girls volunteered to become Kalshodar. 

In their slightly updated Reflex Armour, it is impossible to tell the male from the female. The next generation have their characterisatic knee pads and leg armour but are otherwise identical to the previous generation in their armour. 

Out of their armour, the three-hundred and fifty look resemble very tall, very strong and, somewhat stocky women, retaining breasts and general body shape following their transformation. It is also whispered that, although like all Kalshodar, their bodily odours are much more pungeant than those of an average human, theirs is less unpleasant than that of their male counterparts. 

With their new outlook, ways of thinking and talking, and understanding of technology, this new generation of Kalshodar gift Alexander the skills and flexibility he feels he needed to overcome one of the few disadvantages he fears the Kalshodar possess; stagnation. For warriors who have changed not at all in thousands of years, change is sometimes hard. 

They soon adapted to this change once they saw how capable these new soldiers were. 

Though many of the new recruits came from a military background, having been born on Selene, most of them were civilians or refugees when The Muster was called by Alexander. Made to feel powerless by the tides of a war they could neither control nor understand - together with a society on Gaia that assigned no value to women beyond child-bearing - many leaped at the chance to protect their families and loved ones although it meant saying goodbye to them, perhaps forever. 

This highest price of the immortality they were offered discouraged many but only served to convince others once The Dragon made Her speech about the kind of world she envisioned bringing about with their help. 

A world where war would be forgotten forever...

Even if there would be no place for them in that world, it was worth the price; their loved ones and descendants would reap the rewards of their sacrifice. 

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