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About these curious exos, next to nothing is known, only vague rumour of a sighting. 

What we know of their appearance comes exclusively from statues found deep beneath Selene, the moon of Gaia by two adventurous Goblins over an eion ago. 

Next to statues which we believe gave us a first look at the enigmatic Ancients, were four-armed, twelve-foot, dragon visaged beings identified by the writings on those statues as Xantoshen. 

We known not whether these race of exos is as dead as The Ancients are thought to be but their size, their appearace, and the location where their statues were found (which resembled the Dwarf 'Temple' beneath The Mountain on Gaai) makes certain conclusions easy to jump to. 

It also makes, considering the current crisis, finding out whether this race still lives of near vital importance. 

Rumours  of ships decorated like the armour this Xantoshen is wearing, been seen out beyond The Rim are being heard with increasing regularity though nothing has been confirmed. 

Those that report such sightings claim the vessels appear to neither want to flee nor approach. 

It is almost as if they were waiting for something. 

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