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Iacxtus is not a Kalshodar engineer, he is THE Engineer. 

The first amongst the Kalshodar to see the wisdom and utility of training under the Dwarves when the Arks were being built and the Pansabian decoded. When the Great Exodus was being planned, he approached Lupernikes and made his concerns known; "Someone needs to know how to fix that lot, out there in the black." he sucked on his ever-present pipe. "someone needs to fly them rigs as a Kalshodar needs them to!"

So he took two from each of the planned crews and trained them with the Dwarves and the rising class of human pilots. He designed and built a better suit of armour for them, one that will protect the pilot while conserving weight and improving mobility for a pilot cannot be constrained in combat armour. He called it Locrian Armour, surprisingly strong and useful for its size. 

He later discovered, out there in what he calls "the black" that Reflex Fields and mithril do funny things in the presence of plasma cascades and the massive magnetic fields they generate, and those things are not good for a man's continued good health. In fact, those things would kill even a Kalshodar seven times dead. The lighweight alllows and fibroplastic compounds of Locrian Armour though, did a grand job, he said, expelling a cloud of smoke, a fine job indeed. 

Iactus was always serious and, so Kalliades has been heard to quip, was born old. He loved the siege machines designed for Alexander's campaign and was often seen near Daides' creations and, later, when Alexander vanished, he was often seen in Hero's workshop. 

Less charitable folks have been heard to mutter that he painted Locrian Armour green because he's part goblin, so well does he work with complex mechanisms but Iactus doesn't care about that. Iactus simply loves to fly and learn how the machines that help him do that work. 

Lupernikes is the first to admit he and his rag-tag group would be long-dead were it not for Iactus keeping their cantankerous old Gryphon in decent working order!

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