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There is, of course, a saying in The Empyraeum that dragons aren't real, except on. 

On Drakpyl, there are a lot of dragons or, at least, creatures that could easily be confused with dragons. 

Imagine the flying dinosaurs we have all heard of only make them more intelligent pack-hunters and you have one such species. There are a total of 20 dragon-like species on Drakpyl and each species is radically different to the others; serpentine six-legged stinging tunners, tree-dwelling gliding ambush hunters, centaur-like migratory plains-dwellers, almost hun-shaped monkey-like creatures....the list goes on and all of them are somewhat carnivorous. 

The flying ones have, with varying degrees of success, been domesticated by the colonists, used are a means of getting from the few large, strongly fortified, and well-defended mountain settlements. For any sizeable human population to live anywhere else is considered madness, suicide, or both. 

Those who are brave enough to domesticate the flying dragons are known locally as Bal-Furaboi and act as a kind of warrior caste, defending the cities from other denizens of the planet and also acting as the official couier service. 

Rumours of centaur or even serpent-riders in the jungles and plains have reached the ears of a number of visitors but are scare even believed by the locals. 

The local and export economy is based on two items; firestone, a jewel of incomparible beauty and purity which "resembles a bubble of flame containing a galaxy of sparks" and is much sought after for the making of rings and brooches,and Agira, a substance obtained from the temporal lobe of a vast species of deep-sea monster dragon-like invertibrate which can dramatically extend the lifespan of those who use it. However, at 10 Talents for an Obòlus of the stuff, it is not available to many.



Official Designation: D-Sk-Alpha-3

Solar System : Scorpios

Orbit: 1.12 Gaian Years

Rotation: 19 Gaian Hours

Diameter: 41.223 km 

Satellites: 1

Atmosphere: Oxygen, nitrogen mix with strong percentage of vanadium, calcium dioxide, and hydrogen cyanide.

Orbital Position: 3rd planet in system.

Population: 221  Million

Afiliation: Empyraeum

Colonised: EA 2089

Industry:  So-called Firestone and Agira

Climate: Variable by zone, from equatorial rainforest and jungle to open plains and mountainous regions with a small but very deep equatorial ocean.

Max. Temperature: 45 degrees celcius

Min. Temperature: -2 degrees celcius

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