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Nobody knows his name at birth and nobody can prove that he even existed but The Deep-Delver is the closest thing the normally dour and practical Dwarves have to a cultural hero or demigod. 

So the stories go, he delved deeper than any Dwarf had delved before, always finding hidden seams and sound rock to build strong workings on. He had a nose for the jewels and metals Dwarves most prized and readily shared his discoveries with all Dwarves. Cunning, astute, girsted, and generous he had all the virtues Dwarves hold dear. 

As part of the First Expedition to Sèlene, he was, it was said, eager to come to grips with the geology of our only natural satellite and discover what was to be found beneath her lifeless surface. He discovered much, helios-4, what Dwarves would soon prize as Selenium or Moon-Silver, and good, strong rock to build mines and dwellings in. He broke rock on the first tunnel, it is said, for what became the Deep City, the first Dwarven home away from Gaia, he used that strange little hammer he'd forged himself from moon-silver to do it. Legend states that this hammer will always strike true and has runes laid on it to reveal falsehood and deceit; a dwarf bearing it would be believed by all Dwarves without hesitation, even one who they lost all reason to believe long ago.  

His greatest discovery proved to be his last. Wearing an experimental moon-suit to protect him from the airless void on Sèlene's surface, he broke into a vast chamber and discovered what would be known as the Great Reactor, a device of suspected Ancient construction which would come to power all facilities on Sèlene. 

Some even say that his last living act was to turn it on with his little silver hammer, which he lost hold of in his surprise and, as the rotten rock beneath him crumbled, fell in slow motion to join, activating The Reactor with his broken body. 

Others say he lives down there still, maintaining The Reactor for the benefit of all Dwarves or guarding it from all non-Dwarves. Yet still others say his spirit was granted life by the Ancients and taught their deepest secrets, and it waits down there, in the deepest deeps of Sèlene for a Dwarf brave and true enough to claim his lost hammer, upon into which he has imbued both his spirit and knowledge.

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