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Of The Telkine, little is actually known. Even his appearance shown here is based on rumour and heresay. 

What is known is that the Anti-Union Freedom Fighters (or terrorists, depending on who you ask) of the Fèvlas-Pachà answer to him and him only, he allows for nothing else. 

Of his origins, or real name, no records have been found though it is rumoured that he was once a high-up in the Union military or political structure. He seems to know more about how they run than an outsider should. Commander Soong swears he had seen a man matching what is agreed to be his appearance visit the Doedeche prison during his short time there. That man, Soong says, was either part of or was leading a delegation from The Office of Reformations.

To some, The Telkine is like his mythical namesakes; a visionary who dares do what needs to be done in order to protect the future of the human race, even if his methods unsettle or disturb them. To others he is a dangerous, unbalanced man merely looking for revenge. In the eyes of yet others, he is an unhinged maniac who simply mouths the right words in order to justify his brutal campaign of revenge against the organisation that cast him out. 

It is whispered that if even the very euphemistically-named Office of Reformation didn't want him then the latter opinion is both accurate and a woeful underestimation. 

The Union has sent assassins without number to kill him and none, it would appear, have been successful or heard from again. 

The Panastas distrust him, the Empyraen Remnant despise him, and even the ordinary civilians of Gaia fear him.

His operatives will strike without warning, hesistation, or mercy; they will strike when least expected and they will care not one mote how many die in that strike. If, in killing a highly placed Keeper officer or politician, one hundred civilians lose their lives, the price is considered worth paying in the balance. 

It is even rumoured that The Tekine loves to mount false-flag operations. He has, it has been boasted, men and women infiltrated throughout The Union, from bottom to top, doung their job and living among their family and neighbours until they receive an order.

The, a mild-mannered accountant, unregarded dock-worker, transport ship engineer, or squad leader will blow up themselves or others without a second thought, unleash cold yet bloody rage upon whoever they are ordered to, or commit untold atrocity and let The Union take the blame.

The Telkine cares only that The Union falls, he cares not who remains to celebrate it, as long as he can coldly witness it and, perhaps, allow himself a smile of satisfaction.

Of course, it is also said, The Telkine has no doubts or concerns about power vacuums as The Union would be replaced, by him and those he has infiltrated higher up.

It is believed even the Panastas and Empyraen Remnant are infiltrated waiting for them to object to his planned ascention. 

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