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"You may look hard but you'll never find a Krin', it will find you..."

Encounters between humans and Kriniajan are few, isolated incidents reported out on the Rim where their home planet is alleged to be found, though none have seen it. 

All Kriniajan so far encountered have been some kind of bounty-hunter, working perhaps for some unknown guild, picking up criminals before vanishing once again. To say the Kriniajan are excellent hunters would be an understatement. Both their biological or evolutional advantages and their specialist technology mean that if a Krin' is on your trail, it's probably best to stay still and wait for it to arrive. 

It'll treat you with decency once you're in it's custody but if you run, chances are it'll accept a drop in pay and take you in cold. 

Those who have been fortunate enough to encounter these exos while not being on some shadowy list state that they appear uncable of speaking human, relying instead on some implanted disk that translates their grunts, barks, and growls to synthesised words. 

They say these creatures may appear brutish but they are very intelligent and extremely honourable. 

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