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Laèrtes Kamkalion, know to almost everyone as "The Chief" is a Chief Petty Officer in the Empyraen Navy, attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence (NIO). For many years, he has fought, killed, tricked, and murdered in the name of The Empyraeum and for the defeat of her principle enemy, The Union. To The Chief, no price is too high to pay for the survival of The Empyraeum and in service of her Hègemon, not even the lives of a few citizens and fellow operatives. 

The Chief likes to operate alone and it raises a few eyebrows, even among the hard men and women staffing the NIO, that he always returns from a mission alone, even if he left with a squad or two. 

A native of Erebus Nýx, a sun-blistered hellhole of a world which forced its colonists to build cities far underground, he is 'blessed' with what are nicknamed 'the eyes of night' when people are feeling generous. These glowing, milky-blue/white eyes, allow all Erebusians to see perfectly in near-total darkness without equipment or chance of detection, somethiong which makes them ideal covert operatives, especially when one adds their highly pragmatic and cold nature into the mixture. 

Recently, whispers abound that something has changed in The Chief; he is not as humourless and cold as he once was. Some barely dare to whisper (Erebusians have excellent hearing too) that he is going soft. He brought in a feckless refugee from Gaia who had hidden out on Sèlene following a botched series of thefts which had cost the lives of his only friends. 

Some say that The Chief has taken this young man under his very murky wing and wishes to train him. 

Others try not to whisper that The Chief is going to retire. 

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