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Cassander was a rebel without direction, wanting to resist The Union but not really knowing how. 

When he and his friends found a book of forbidden history, a book which told the story of Alexander and his generals, of The Empyraeum and the hope it had brought to a brutal and shattered world, he felt he had to tell the world about it. Nobody believed him, even his friends were dubious, people he'd known for years! He had the truth but no-one would listen to him. 

So, angered and ashamed, he decided the only way to convince them was to show them, he would steal the forbidden book from under The Keeper's noses! Of course his friends would not let embark on this insane venture, at least not alone. 

Two of them paid for that loyalty with their lives and one will never walk again. 

Terrified and heart-broken, Cassander fled to Sèlene and quickly fell into the uncertain company of a goblin known as Dog-Tail Johnny who was a bit of an outcast himself. Together, they came up with a plan, they would distribute the contents of Cassander's book and news of the hidden community on Sèlene to the downtrodden people of Gaia. Together they would give the people hope in the only way they knew how. 

At least that was the plan until, during an interview gone wrong with goblin crime-boss Leggie, Cassander fell into the clutches of The Chief and the NIO. 

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