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The Kalshodar "Body-Glove" is almost as advanced as the Reflex Armour the usually wear on top of it.


A self-contained suit which is embedded with carbon nanotube fibres, it acts as a secondary muscular system as well as providing a last-ditch form of protection. It is made of a complex and fabric and less common material composite, allowing it to reclaim moisture from perspiration and what little solid of liquid waste the Kalshodar physiology produces. It is also capable of warming or cooling the body as required. 

As can be seen, a spinal interface module feeds those fibres, connecting directly to the wearer's nervous system and enabling him to control the articial 'muscles' as of they were his own. Shunt sockets on the suit interface with connectors in the Reflex armour so that the suit 'muscles' can control and interact with servomotors and actuators in the armour itself. These shunts are also used to feed pain relief drugs and nutritonal compounds directly into the Kalshodar's system. 

In order to relax while on ship and off-duty, the Kalshodar will often remove their amour in a standard arming station but keep the body-glove on, as it is remarkably confortable, being made of the best and most hard-wearing composite fabrics and materials Dwarven ingenuity can think of. 

For this reason, the belt has a number of stick-patches for carrying any devices or weaponry the Kalshodar might feel the need for. 

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